Hello! My male tree frog Bongo is bloated! I noticed this a few weeks back but thought he was just getting fat, so I laid off the food since he was refusing to eat unless I forced him anyways. I then switched to spring water as I found out my well water, which has excess amounts of iron in it, was doing a lot of harm and may have been the root cause of the bloating. The bloating hasn't gotten any better since I switched, and I've considered doing the aspiration procedure. The issue is I'm not a trained professional and I'm worried I might mess it up, as I don't have access to a vet. Does anyone have a picture or video tutorial of this procedure? It would make me more confident in my ability, as I already have all the materials required due to my being on hormone therapy. Also, if anyone has anything else that could help his bloating PLEASE let me know and please explain thoroughly what you mean, as I'm a novice frog keeper and don't understand all the ins and outs of the more detailed things. I'll post an image below of his bloating. Also, if it helps, his tank is a rather large terrarium I built. The substrate is cocoa fiber with a mix of pebbles and he's right in front of a window with a net cover so he has plenty of access to direct, non-filtered sunlight. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!!!

PS. I just looked into his innards with a flashlight, and can't even see any organs! I think it's because he's so bloated. He can also barely move on his own.

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