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    Hello everyone. So I recently got a new Whites Tree Frog to accompany my current one and have had him in a quarantine container for about a week now. I got him about three weeks ago but noticed he had loose stools so I let the shop know, and they said to avoid expensive vet bills I could take him back and they could watch him to see what was wrong for a week. They thought it might just be stress, and after a week they said they were comfortable giving him back to me. So now Ive had him back for about a week. Hes eating normally and is very bright green, but the way he moves is a bit slow, if that makes sense. He pooped a few days ago and it was loose stool but I didnt see anything in it. But last night he pooped again and upon inspection I found a ton of parasites (possibly eggs, maybe another life cycle stage). I contacted the shop I got him from and they gave me a vets number to call (which I am going to do as soon as they open up) but I cant afford a fecal sample or anything expensive right now. Im worried by the amount of parasites I found, is this even treatable? Has anyone seen anything like this before that could ID it? I know vet is pretty much the only answer but I just wanted to check to see if anyone else could help. Here is a picture of his poop with the parasites:
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    Default Re: Parasites in Frogs Poop

    Yeah that’s quite a severe infestation. Honestly there’s not too many regulars on this forum anymore, I would try a different forum or a facebook group for those knowledge enough to give a specific ID. Regardless, in the absence of a vet the only viable option is going to be to treat the frog yourself. I’m not really knowledgable in the antibiotics department but maybe if you can consult with a vet over the phone or something? Hope your little guy pulls through!

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