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Thread: Hello Fellow Amphibian Owners

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    Smile Hello Fellow Amphibian Owners

    First time poster long time amphibian fan. I hope to read great posts about people's pets.😊
    Currently I have a male and female North American Toad. Female's name is Bella and the male is named Billy Bob Wharton. Anywho see ya later✌

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    Default Re: Hello Fellow Amphibian Owners

    welcome to the forum! always good to hear of another toad owner.

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    Default Re: Hello Fellow Amphibian Owners

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of great stories and advice here and I look forward to sharing info with you! I also have two American toads, 1 male (Speckles) and 1 female (Shima) and we're glad that you joined us!

    I have learned... still learning... ALWAYS LEARNING!
    Every moment is a teachable moment!
    Mistakes are not always a terrible thing, especially when you learn from them!

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