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Thread: Super weird vocal sac on my RETF? Looks fluid like

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    Default Super weird vocal sac on my RETF? Looks fluid like

    Hey! So just tonight I was going to spray my RETF (the person we got her from said sheís female..?) and I noticed her throat looked kind of weird. It just looks like itís got water in it almost. Whenever I touch it itís not hard at all. I have to post a link because it wonít let me upload pictures on here. Any ideas?

    (Dear god pls ignore the name of my photobucket I literally made this when I was like 14 lol)

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    Default Re: Super weird vocal sac on my RETF? Looks fluid like

    Doesnít look discolored or infected at all, should be nothing to worry about. Your frog might end up being a male after all, hard to tell for sure. Just as long as it doesnít get red or infected or something nothing to sweat over. Also females will make little croaking sounds occasionally, nowhere near as loud or as often as the males though

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