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Thread: How long can a red eyed tree frog go without food?

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    Default How long can a red eyed tree frog go without food?

    I'm having trouble getting my red eye tree frog to eat. I can't go out and get crickets because of coronavirus and my sister being inmunosupressed, and my order of red runner roaches, which was supposed to arrive today, is late. My frog hasn't eaten in at least two or three days, and I don't know how long it will be until my order gets here. I've been trying to get it to eat mealworms, but it isn't interested. How long can my frog safely go without food?
    - MantisGirl13

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    Default Re: How long can a red eyed tree frog go without food?

    Hi, how old is your frog? A baby or juvenile will be probably be safe for a week or two probably longer without food. An Adult could probably go well over a month. As long as your frog was well fed before, it’ll be able to withstand quite a famine!

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    Default Re: How long can a red eyed tree frog go without food?

    I've only had it for a few months, but I believe it is either an older juvenile or an adult. Thank you for your help!
    - MantisGirl13

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