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Thread: Pacman Frog won't eat

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    Question Pacman Frog won't eat

    10 gallon, humidity is 60-80, heat is 75-80 during the day, 70-75 at night, coco fiber substrate with a recently added layer of spagnum moss on top, ive had him since january, main food source is crickets, which are dipped in calcium a couple times a month, last time i saw his poop was two weeks ago, picked him up today and his skin seems kind of loose? might need to soak him soon. i recently cleaned his tank (two weeks ago) and ever since then he has been eating very little (1-2 crickets a day, or none at all) other than that there are no symptoms of anything. i checked for red leg, and he was a little pink by his thighs, but was nothing similar to the pictures ive seen of redleg. he was a little pale today, but that's because i was working by his tank for a couple hours. i do this twice a week, other than that where he lives is very low traffic. why is he eating less? is it stress from the tank cleaning? or is it because he hasn't pooped in awhile? i will attach pictures of him and his enclosure soon.

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