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Thread: 5.0 UVB for a Whites Tree Frog?

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    Default 5.0 UVB for a Whites Tree Frog?

    Hi, So I currently have a White’s Tree Frog under a 13 watt 5.0 or 5 % UVB bulb in a 20 gallon tall terrium , I’ve seen some say a you should use 2.0 for frogs but I cant find a 2.0 anywhere, as exo terra now sells their 2.0 light as “natural light” that contains no uvb just UVA do you think a 5.0 would be completely safe for a White’s Tree Frog thanks -Brett

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    Default Re: 5.0 UVB for a Whites Tree Frog?

    Hi, you should be fine with that bulb, actually White’s don’t need UV at all as long as you’re providing the necessary calcium +d3 supplement. UV bulbs usually stop giving off radiation after about 6 months or so, so after that it’ll pretty much be a regular light bulb. So if I were you I’d save the money and not get another in the future.

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    Avicularia avicularia 0.0.2 (Pinktoe Tarantula)
    Brachypelma smithi ex. annitha 0.0.1 (Mexican Giant Red Knee Tarantula) Monocentropus balfouri 0.0.2 (Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula)
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