Hello again FrogForum... today I've found my 2 year old female southern toad (Anaxyrus terrestris) behaving strangely, as if she is ill. Yesterday she seemed just fine. She drank all of her water in her water bowl and was sitting in it patiently waiting for more so I filled it up with tap water and put in some Reptisafe water conditioner as I usually do. Sometimes I use bottled water instead but we ran out a few days ago. A few hours later our city declared a boil water advisory for a water main break, warning us that the water could be contaminated.

Fast forward to now and it's my toad's feeding day. She looks thinner than usual but doesn't want to eat any worms. She is acting like she forgot how to walk, very wobbly when she hops, legs flailing, very tipsy-like. When she's sitting still she ducks her head down between her legs and points towards the ground. When I pick her up her skin feels extremely soft to the touch. She flipped herself over once and now I'm afraid to take her out of my sights in case she gets stuck. I'm really worried about her. Is it possible the water was dirty and she is "poisoned"? What should I do?

For now I'm boiling some water and letting her soak in it for awhile once it cools off to about 80 degrees, and putting her back in her terrarium and dumping out the water when she gets uncomfortable (repeating the process every few hours). When she's soaking her posture and weight seem much more normal than when she's in her dirt. I'm hoping maybe she can expel whatever was in the water out and go back to acting normally. Aside from this I am at a loss as to what to do. If she doesn't want to eat within the next few days I'm worried she might starve. Any help is appreciated.