hello all,
Lately, Ive noticed some behaviours in my toads that I feel are questionable. So one of my toads sometimes sits in a manner with her left forelimb that appears injured however she still walks jumps and seems normally otherwise. Im wondering if this is an injury as she sometimes gets startled and jumps away when I enter the room or when she hears loud noises and maybe she could have injured herself by jumping into something or if this is a potential nutritional deficiency. I am aware of MBD and do my best to ensure they don't get it. I gut load my feeders with high sources of vitamin A such as carrots and sweet potatoes frequently and supplement then with rep ashy calcium plus. Im gonna sound crazy here but Ive also noticed the toads exhibit some sort of a nodding behaviour when being in the presence of another toad and I'm not sure if this is a way the toads are being territorial or if this is a health issue. Any info is greatly appreciated