Okay so around 3 weeks ago I bought a baby pacman frog, I'd done all my research prior to getting the frog and had all the enclosure set up. When I purchased the frog, the guy in the store mentioned they had been feeding the babies half a pinkie mouse, which immediatly made alarm bells ring in my head.

When I got the lil guy home I put him in his enclosure and left him there till the next day, I gave him fresh water and misted the following day and then in the evening tried to feed him, no success so I was like that's fine he's new so he just needs to get acclimated.

For the next week I tried everyday feeding a nightcrawlers until about 6 days after purchase he finally took the worm. Then for another 3-4 days he didn't eat again, he then ate a locust. He will not eat crickets no matter how hard I try. He's eaten a dubia roach about 2 days ago from today, I keep a scorpion and 2 geckos. So I have an abundance on live foods I can try him with but he just seems reluctant to take anything, any advice would be appreciated. He seems to grip the prey fine when he decided he wants it but but I'm starting to this he's just addicted to pinkies if that's all he's been fed.. I hope that's what it is because I can deal with that rather than there being an issue with him.

I also noticed these questions for owners to answer from other threads so thought I'd do it now and save time.

1----what 'kind' of frog is it ( what species)? Ornate pacman frog
2----please include a photo of the frog
3----Please include a photo of the frog's current enclosure
4----size of enclosure ( W" x D" x H" ) 14" x 8" x 12"
5----# on inhabitants - ( if there is another frog --- is there a size difference ? ) no other inhabitants
6----has or was the frog kept with a different species or with any other tank mate? No
7----is there a new tank mate----was the new tank mate quarantined? No tank mate
8----what is the typical humidity level? 70%
9----what temperature is maintained? 85 in hot spot 78-80 ambient
10---what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure? Heat light during day, swapped for red light at night.
11---describe the enclosure lighting ( very specifically) 60w day light, basking light, and red night light at night time.
12---describe enclosure maintenance ( water changes, cleaning etc) clean out the water bowl every morning, mist the enclosure at the same time and also spot clean any poop. I have spring tails to maintain the mold but havent had to do a full substrate clean as of yet.
13---what kind of water is used
-----for misting
-----for the frog's soaking dish
-----is de-chlorinator used / what brand
I use tap water treated with reptisafe for everything
14---material(s) used for substrate - be very specific? coco fibre mixed with very little moss, moss is used mainly for decor around the water bowl.
15---enclosure set up:
-----if recent - describe how the enclosure was cleaned spring tails maintaining mold haven't changed enclosure
-----plants( live or artificial) if artificial plants are used are they plastic or fabric I have a plastic wood log in the tank
-----describe wood, bark , and background materials I have a large piece of Cork bark for him to hide under. I also cover 3 sides of the enclosure for his security.
16---when is the last time the frog ate? 2 days ago
17---have you found poop lately? Not for around 6 days now whether he's burrowed it down I am unsure
18---how often is the frog fed? I try to feed on a day to day basis, but he usually takes food every 4-5 days
19---what size feeder is given? Appropriate sized to fit between the size of his eyes. If I'm feeding nightcrawlers I usually buy small ones and cut them into three pieces.
20---what other feeders are used as treats? I haven't tried him with treats yet I wanted to establish the feeding routine first
21---what is the frog's main food source? If possible it will be dubia roaches but whatever he likes the most which is why I'm trying all sorts (could this be a problem also? Should I be trying one thing?)
22---do feeders roam free in the enclosure or is the frog bowl fed? I put the frog is a external clean enclosure to prevent impactation
23/24---vitamins and calcium - what brand and how often? I use multivitamin with d3 and calcium supplements once a week on the weekend.
25---was the frog without calcium for any period of time? Possible at the store but not since I have had him
26---approximate age of the frog? I would guess at a month to 2 months old
27---how long have you owned the frog? 3 weeks
28---who cared for the frog before you? A pet store
29---is the frog wild caught or captive bred? Captive bred
30---how often the frog is handled -- are gloves used ( what kind of gloves) the frog is never handled I use a damp cup to transfer him from place to place and let him get out in his own time
31---is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area? No very minimal movement around the enclosure
30---has or was the frog properly quarantined (yes or no)
-----for how long? No
32---has the frog been treated with any medication:
-----for what
-----name of medication
-----for how long
-----what dose
-----was medication prescribed by a herp vet? No medication

If I can work out how to post pictures I will do them below

Thankyou for any advice in advance.