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Thread: Question about if i can put these two white's tree frogs together

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    Default Question about if i can put these two white's tree frogs together

    Hey guys! So I have had these white's tree frogs for about a year or maybe longer, and the female has grown very well. She is about 5 inches, looks to be chubby but not too chubby. The male (or thats what i think he is), seems to be a lot smaller than her. About 2.5-3 inches (if you need pictures I can provide them). My question is can I cage them together? When they were younger I had them both together with no problems, but then I found out that if a frog is a lot bigger than the other theres the chance for cannibalism. So i seperated him. I put Hugo, the female ( i know, not the best name for a girl but I didn't know it was a girl back when it was young haha) in a 20 gallon high tank. I put itty bitty (the male), in a 10 gallon tank. Can I Put them both in the 20 gallon high tank? Or is there the chance that hugo will eat itty bitty. Im afraid itty bitty doesn't have enough room to thrive, but if I can't put them together then Ill figure something out. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Question about if i can put these two white's tree frogs together

    Hello! I know females typically get larger than males so the size difference seemse safe to me. It is always best to air on the side of caution however, so I suggest getting other opinions besides my own. I have two whites tree frogs that I house together and one is larger than the other (4 inches and 3 inches maybe?). However the larger one needs to be syringe fed; eversince he broke his leg he has had a feeding response issue. (An inexpensive way to provide more space isto get a plastic tote of an appropriate size and drill small holes for ventilation along the sides and top of the tub, this works great as a qurantine of sorts until he is large enough to be kept with the other)
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