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Thread: Clawed frogs are super horny

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    Default Clawed frogs are super horny

    Does anyone elses frogs do this? I've had mine for about 2 and a half weeks now and both of my males are always holding onto the other frogs, either they do it to the other male or the female. They do it almost everyday in the morning and after every water change. They also croak so much in the morning and after lights are off. They're about 4 inches tall with their legs stretched out, how old could they be? I assume the males are almost sexually mature but I don't know about the female. But I'm glad they're so vigorous because that means breeding will be easy
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    My dwarf frogs are the same way. They croak all night long every night (year-round!) and constantly try to mate with each other even though they are all male. I think it is normal for Xenopus frogs to be in breeding mode all the time.

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    Default Re: Clawed frogs are super horny

    There are many experiments to all scientists which having done on frog and they are almost successfull the same try on humen which is a good part. So that you can work on papernow organization and start learning on all the animals having the human internal systems.

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