I brought a whites tree frog home saturday (3/14) night. She ate a cricket that night but has been refusing them since, even slapping them away when i hold them near her. I’ve been trying twice a day since then in the morning and evenings.

She is about 2 in. and the store i got her from said she’s probably around 6 months. I bought the crickets from that store too so they’re the same kind and size that she was being fed before. I have been shaking the crickets in a calcium vitamin powder that the store recommended.

Shes in a 10 gal. that we modified to be tall (planning on upgrading tank size and getting her a friend when she’s bigger) with lots of fake plants/branches. Temp/humidity are both controlled (mid-high 70s in the day, low 70s at night and about 70% humidity) and she has a uvb light on 12 hours day. She also has a dish of dechlorinated water. I’ve taken her out a few times but very briefly because i wanted to let her settle in. She doesn’t look skinny at all and overall seems happy. She sleeps most of the day but hops around the walls and branches a lot in the evening.

Should i be worried or is there anything i am doing wrong? I read that at her age they should be eating every day so i’m concerned since it’s been almost 4 days. She is my first frog so i’d appreciate any advice if i’m doing something wrong!
Thank you all!