Hello everyone,

I currently have a baby pacman frog that I just got 1 week ago. It is currently housed in a 6 Qt clear plastic shoe box bin temporarily since it is still pretty small and has settled in very well. I am hoping to get a bigger enclosure for it in the near future and am looking at getting an acrylic enclosure with a top sliding lid. Before making this post, I searched to see if a heat mat (Zoo Med's U.T.H) can be used with an acrylic enclosure and I saw a post from 2011 that does not recommended the paring because the mat could make the acrylic release toxic fumes. It is now 2020 and I am hoping to see if I can get more updated opinions about this.

The acrylic enclosure I am looking at is a Repti-Zoo brand enclosure with the dimensions of 15.7"x11.8"x5.9" and 0.4 cm thickness that is available at my local reptile shop. I am using a Zoo Med U.T.H with a thermostat set at 78F. Will the acrylic enclosure still be a bad choice with the U.T.H at that temperature setting? Or should I use a different heat source with the acrylic enclosure?

I appreciate any replies and thank you for your time to look at my post.