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Thread: New to frogs.. RETF, Vietnamese Mossy Frogs and Fire Bellied Toads.. help pls

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    Question New to frogs.. RETF, Vietnamese Mossy Frogs and Fire Bellied Toads.. help pls

    Hello everyone,
    I'm very new to frogs, having kept mostly fish and reptiles in the past. 2 weeks ago however, I recently bought a biopod aqua from a gentleman. It houses 5 fire bellied toads, 1 Vietnamese mossy frog and 2 Red Eyed Tree frogs.

    I've been reading care sheets and forums since I acquired them, and I have a number of concerns that'd I'd really appreciate some feedback on.

    I'm concerned about the Vietnamese mossy frog, he is VERY skinny and always hanging out at the bottom of the tank submerged in water (along with the fire bellies). I think it's because the tank is way too hot for him (77-85F) so I've moved him to a 10 gal tank with shallow water, plants and a big log, with the temperature more around 70-75F. I've been offering dusted crickets for the last 2 nights but don't think he's eating them. I also have 3 butter worms in a dish he's ignored too. I've seen other people do quarantine tanks with just damp paper towel and a few plants so you can monitor eating etc, however I've also read that stress can make frogs not want to eat... so I'm wondering if I should try leaving him in his current set-up for a while and do my best to monitor crickets etc. or is it best to do the paper towel set-up (and is there anything I can do to encourage him to eat)??

    As for the Red eyes and toads, I've now been reading that housing Fire Bellied toads with other animals can be potentially fatal due to their toxins (makes sense, toads secrete toxins and frogs have very permeable skin), however many people have suggested that tree frogs are ok to co-habit as they remain up high and the toads in the water below (<also concerned for the poor mossy frog that constantly hung out in the water :/ ).
    So far the Red Eyes seem healthy and remain in the top half of the tank, however they are a bit skinny.... am wondering if the fire bellies are eating most of the crickets (they eat ANYTHING that moves down below).
    Has anyone else housed fire bellies and red eyes safely??

    Lastly (and kinda the main reason I wanted to post rather than continue to read articles), my one Red eye spent the day not on a leaf or glass, but horizontal on a patch of moss... unusual. When he woke up tonight he seemed to look bloated... he also seems darker than the last few weeks and has redish tinges on his back legs.... not sure if I'm being paranoid now I'm reading about different issues that can occur or if something is starting to show up and he's sick... :/
    (I'll attach pictures)

    Everyone is fed gut-loaded, dusted med-lg crickets every 2 days, humidity is between 70-80, misted 2-3x daily.

    Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm really looking forward to learning about and caring for these frogs.


    ps. the Mossy is calling (it's SO cute!) hoping that's a sign he's feeling happy? (and will be a good boy and eat lots -.-)

    (pictures are: 'sick'? Red eyed tree frog is RETF1, the healthier looking one is RETF2, the mossy frog (best pic I have rn, he usually hides), the biopod, and the mossy frogs new enclosure)
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