Iíve had a pair of B alvarius for a little over a month. They acclimated quickly and were eating like beasts. A few days ago one of them started pacing the tank (60g long) and just trying to get out. He has not eaten since starting this and he has not stopped except for a little rest this afternoon. Nor the other one has started acting like she just is not happy. They have been passing well, the smaller of the two started passing smaller stools... then today, nothing! They look good, skin good, eyes clear, no bloating. No signs of impaction. The smaller, the first to start acting off, is allowing me to pick him up.. but I believe heís just exhausted because this has been three days of him trying his hardest to get out of his tank. He does struggle and vocalize right get free.
they have been eating dusted crickets daily and each have had a few mice. The substrate is eco-earth. I donít have UVA/B lighting and at night Iíve keep the temp regulated with a red light (they have a blue light heat lamp during the day when the temp drops).. I am not sure if the humidity because the gauge was garbage and stopped working. They have a large bowl of water that they share, but it is not deep enough for them to float. They each have hides and there were a few plants (Iíve removed them since the little guy is just plowing over them and I just figured Iíd get them out of his way).
im really starting to worry, I donít understand why, when they appeared to be so happy for weeks, that they are behaving like they want to be anywhere but in that tank now. I definitely donít want to lose them and a vet isnít available to see them until the end of next week. Iíve had their tank covered for two dats now, just trying to settle them down, doesnít help one bit. They are in a room thatís just for them, not a bunch of traffic or activity that would upset them. I did open a window before this all started and they seemed to enjoy the view.. but Iím wondering if they werenít just looking out singing Ďsomewhere out thereí to themselves 😭😭😭 .. and Iím hoping I didnít cause this by doing that one thing.

any ideas? Any advice? Iíd appreciate anything 🙏🏻