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Thread: New pixie frog pick up, issues with mobility.

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    Default New pixie frog pick up, issues with mobility.

    Hello! I am new to the forum, and I recently acquired a pixie frog from craigslist. As expected, it has issues. Upon arrival it has issues with mobility, its front legs are stuck in one position and it does not hop, it crawls. Its back legs are not under neath him, but mostly behind him. I can attach some pictures to show. Can anyone help me to possibly figure out what the problem is? Could this be MBD or a vitamin deficiency? Poisoning from tap water? Since arrival I have put it in a new 20 gallon cage, and he does eat. Completely new eco earth/ spag moss mixture with live plants and isopods/springtails. Dechlorinated water has been used. Also when it eats, he does not eject its tongue, and simply sits in one spot without ever even moving after his prey, I have to directly put it next to its mouth to eat. May have eye sight problems. Previous owners did not have heating/ water bowl in its habitat.
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