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Thread: Burrowing Bullfrogs

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    Question Burrowing Bullfrogs

    I have a pair of pixie frogs that I got in early January. They're currently about 3 inches from snout to butt, and have grown a surprising amount. They spend their entire time burrowed into their substrate, usually with their eyes and nose sticking out. I dig them up to feed them and they don't seem happy about this at all, but they eat voraciously. They have pools of water they could sit in and hides but it seems they'd rather be buried. Is this normal?

    Additionally, how often/how much should I feed them? They went through 50 large crickets in 2 days. They consumed all of the crickets in periods of 30 minutes or less, like the guidelines say to do. I'm following online care guides but that seems like a lot, I don't want them to explode!

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