I was thinking about getting a Pixie frog. I have a 20 gallon tank not being used and figured it would be a great starter tank for one (I know it will need a larger tank as it grows, I just wanted a baby for now). My biggest concern though is that I am a painter. I use water acrylics and typically don`t use anything that has TOO much odor, and I leave a window open while I am painting, but I know frogs are super sensitive to fumes. Usually I barely notice a smell, but I keep tarantulas as well and so anytime I am painting I make sure to have good ventilation. I only have my room and nowhere else for my pets, so putting the tank somewhere else is not really an option.

Should I abandon the idea of having a frog? I did think about putting a damp towel over the frog tank while I am painting to avoid exposure, but still I would not want to risk a frogs health.