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    HI all... New African clawed frog owner, but not new to herps and amphibians. I've always had one or the other regularly in my life. Currently have 1 female African clawed frog, 1 leopard gecko, 1 ball python, a farlowella catfish, a regular catfish,1 huge mystery snail and a rainbow shark... Previously I've had Russian tortoise, red eared sliders, woodhouse toads, and little wood frogs that live wild in my basement...
    I'm excited to get into my new addition. She still needs a name and I'm in the process of setting up her new permanent home. Can't wait to get it all together and get her in a bigger enclosure... The forum has been a great source of info so far and i look forward to meeting all you wonderful frog fans 👍

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    Always great to have new members!

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    Hello! I'm from Central and Southwest side of PA!

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