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Thread: Unhealthy turtle?

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    Default Unhealthy turtle?

    My school biology teachers have a lot of turtles who they all take very good care of, so I've learned a bit on how to take care of them myself. There is another classroom in the building, a 'life functions' type class for special education children, with a red-eared slider turtle in it. His name is Squirtle and I've only seen him through the door a few times, but noticed he doesn't have a heating lamp. I went in there to get a closer look and the turtle seems unhealthy in someway, and appears to me to be underweight, but I don't know enough about turtles to determine if anythings actually wrong. The man there said they feed him once a day.
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    Does anyone know if something is wrong with this turtle? And if so, what? His whole body seemed sunken all over and he just looks generally miserable.

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    Do you know what they feed the turtle? It could possibly be on an unhealthy diet. Is it on a platform right now? Or is that the water level it has? Do the eyes always look like that? We need this information to be able to properly tell what's wrong with the turtle. It looks like the turtle is drinking or trying to wet its face, hence the "sunken" appearance (trying to swallow).
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    Default Re: Unhealthy turtle?

    It's on a platform in the picture and has an adequate amount of water for swimming and drinking. I didn't get the chance to ask what they're feeding it before I had to leave. I'm going to try to observe the turtle more and I'll get back to you with details! Sorry for the lack of, I only just realized how strange it looked today and wasn't sure how urgent it might be, so I decided to come here.

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