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    My juvenile pacman frog is currently shedding, and as he does he opens his mouth, and I can see the dirt from the coco fiber substrate in his mouth. I understand substrate consumption can be very harmful, especially if dry, (however, it is not), so how do I keep him from ingesting substrate while burrowing/eating? Also, his colors have been dull, and brownish recently, and his face area turns gray sometimes (he is an ornate) could this be due to substrate consumption? I tong-feed him, I've tried putting him in a plastic container to eat multiple times, but he gets too stressed and refuses.

    Regarding the color changing, humidity never goes over 80 or under 60, lamp stays on 12 hours a day, keeps the tank at 75-80, and about 70 at once turned off. Coco fiber substrate, 10 gallon tank, he refuses to use his hide when I put him in them, but when he goes in it on his own I notice his colors come back, he is currently not using his hide. I mist him and his tank a couple times a day, and feed him everyday because he's a juvenile. He gets calcium crickets twice a month.
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    Small amounts of substrate are usually harmless, as they pass right on through.

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