I have recently accuired my first pet amphibian. The previous owner has had it for 4 months (he bought tadpoles at an pet expo) and when he sold it to me he said it was not a very good eater. Ive had it for 2 weeks now and it really doesnt eat much. It eats one adult cricket dusted wich calcium and D3 every 2-3 days (i offer food every night). It wont take crickets unless they wander near it, it tries to catch them and if it manages to catch the cricket he eats it with no problem. If it failes... it just gives up... Ive tried feeding canadian nightcrawlers with no success. Never wants to eat of tongs.

It is about 5-6 cm, ive hadnt had the chance to weigh it. I keep it in an 30/30/30 cm glass terrarium. The day temperature is around 24°c and the night temperature is around 22°c, hudmidity is around 90%. I dont use any heatmats. The substrate is coco peat (a bit more than 10 cm deep). Ive also included live plants, rocks and a shalow water dish for the frog to soak (if it wants). I use tap water with ReptoSafe® by Tetra. Ive also included springtails and am considering adding isopods (porcellio laevis "dairy cow") for an ocasional snack.

Any advice is welcome. Here are some pictures of the frog and the terrarium.
Also if you could help with determining the gander.
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