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Thread: Color changing & humidity.

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    Question Color changing & humidity.

    I have had my juvenile pacman for a little over a week now, when I first had him he had green stripes on his face, but as of this morning the green has turned into a light brown in just a couple hours. His heating has been around 75, but it's been drying out the tank, only allowing the humidity to go 50, maybe 55 if I'm lucky. I placed the light further away and it looks like the temp will stay around 73, and now humidity can go up to 80. Still, is my pacman okay? He's been eating, ate four crickets just last night. Is he shedding? Do pacman frogs skin become discolored when shedding? I have seen him wiping at his eyes, but that's only when I mist him. And, if the humidity was the problem, will the skin on his face go back to normal? His water is dechlorinated, and he lives in a 10 gallon with coconut fiber substrate. Area around him is very quiet and I am the only one ever in the room. I have included before and after pictures of his skin.
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