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Thread: Humidity and losing color

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    Question Humidity and losing color

    When I first got my pacman it was too cold for him but the humidity was 70-80. I purchased a lamp for him and now his tank is about 80 degrees, but the humidity won't go past 60 with the lamp on. I mist his tank and him every hour. Also, he's juvenile ornate, and used to have green stripes on his face, but now they've turned brownish, though the green on his back is still bright. What's going on with his skin, and how do I get the humidity up?

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    So humidity can be addressed by adding a little bit of moss into the enclosure, if you feed the frog inside the enclosure I would limit how much you put in as it can cause bad impactation to the point it will kill the frog its impossible for it to pass it. You can also add a layer of really damp substrate at the bottom and turn it over every week or 2 to release the humidity from the bottom.

    For the frog changing colour this can be a stress factor from the humidity being a little bit lower than the species typically likes.

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