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Thread: Honey Baths - What are the benefits? When to allow them? Honey to water ratio?

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    Default Honey Baths - What are the benefits? When to allow them? Honey to water ratio?

    I've seen it mentioned several times to give toads a honey bath when they are not feeling well, dehydrated and/or constipated but I am curious and would like more information please...

    1. What are the benefits? For what purposes should you give a honey bath for?
    2. What is the honey to water ratio?
    3. What is the best temperature for the soak to be best effective? (Room temps vary per households)
    4. How often? Can you give too many?
    5. Any other info or helpful tips?

    I am planning on performing a cleaning of my toads' enclosure, substrate change, cleaning accessories, etc... I am wondering if my little guys would be less stressed if I allow them to soak in a honey bath while they are waiting for me to clean their enclosure?

    Thanks for any tips/suggestions/advice!

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