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Thread: ACF escapee; need tips to help rehydrate

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    Unhappy ACF escapee; need tips to help rehydrate

    I've got tank security covered I think (will be adding a large landscaping brick to the lid to keep him in in the future) but I got to him just barely in time and he'd almost desiccated to death by the time i found him. He's alive, he's moving, and he's slowly rehydrating in his little hospital tank (shallow water so he can easily breathe), but is there anything I can do to help him recover or improve his prognosis? Another 5 minutes or so and he'd have been a goner. His little hands look really bad and I'm terrified I'm gonna lose him. This frog kept me alive when I was struggling with suicidal depression and i feel like I've failed him.

    Heres a picture. I know he looks bad but this is definitely improved from when I first found him. I promise you he's alive and moving, even as bad as he looks. Is he gonna lose his little hands?! His feet look really bad too. He was too weak to fight back when I picked him up and now he can swim away if only weakly. Is that a good sign?! Im really really freaking out.

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    Edit: I got to him too late. Even rehydrating him wasn't enough. He's gone.
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    Default Re: ACF escapee; need tips to help rehydrate

    I’m so sorry.... it’s always so hard to lose one especially since he was so special

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