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Thread: Baby pacman not eating

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    Question Baby pacman not eating

    I recently got a baby pacman frog, hes about the size of a quarter, but a little bigger. I've had him for three days. I didn't feed him the first day because the pet store told me they already had. The next day he ate two crickets and then hid under the dirt. Today I can't get him to eat anything, and he's making this chirping/squeaking noise, and burying himself in the dirt. If it was full grown I wouldn't be concerned, but I've been told babies have to eat every day. I checked, and it is warm and humid enough for him.

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    Babies are not required to eat everyday. Not to say you can't but don't think if your frog starts to become overweight you have to feed him everyday because someone told you so. Babies can be fed from everyday to every other day. It also depends on what you are feeding them, some things take longer to digest, ie. Things with hard extoskeletons such as mealworms. I have alot I'd success with dubia roaches as they have a lot of protein to aid with growing and are easy to digest and also maintain their population them selves obviously some people have roaches though. If your temps and humidity are fine your humidity should be no lower than 60% at any time and you want it to range up to 80% anywhere in between is fine, and temps you want around the 80 degree mark. The hotter you make the enclosure in the range the frog can handle the faster their metabolism will work to digest food.

    In general though you've only had the frog for 3 days I'm shocked you actually got the frog to eat on the first day, it's usually recommended to let them settle in for for up to a week and then get them on a feeding schedule. Also ensure the frog isn't stressed, if you don't have backgrounds cover up the sides of the tank with anything you can find, 3 sheets of paper is fine you can just tape it on because frogs can start to be paranoid and try to look in all 4 directions which could cause them to burrow right down to get away (burrowing down as new babies is absoulutely fine btw, as long as he doesn't stay down there for over a week, if he does you might want to dig him up and check your temps and humidity because he may be trying to go into estivation which just means his environment isn't ideal for him. Also to destress him low traffic and noise rooms are ideal for new frogs, having them in an open area where lots of people walk past all the time or make alot of noise ie. In a room with a television is going to cause alot of noise and alot of vibrations and potentially stress the frog out.

    But in general I'd try not to worry, it all sounds like just a lil baby pacman settling in to a new environment they are huge eaters if they want to eat. If he hasn't eaten 2 weeks after the date you got him I would then potentially start to worry and maybe pop back to this forum and somebody could give you some advice on next steps.

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