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Thread: Whites Tree Frog Not Pooping (Anxious New Frog Mom)

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    Post Whites Tree Frog Not Pooping (Anxious New Frog Mom)

    Hi everyone! First post in the frog forum (though i wish it was for a better reason!). Any advice would be MUCH appreciated

    My Whites Tree Frog Winston is not pooping. He has a very good appetite and is, to my knowledge, a normal active frog. I just havent seen poop in about three weeks. (Photos and info below).

    Basic info...
    • Temps are 82 at the top of the tank with humidity 30-40%.
    • Crickets are dusted with vitamins and calcium with D3 (he eats 4-5 every other day)
    • He has a UVB bulb and light bulb for daytime (7-7 schedule) and a night blue heat bulb that runs 24/7.
    • I got him on December 13th and have only seen one poop in his tank and then one in the container I brought him home in.
    • He has shed
    • He began vocalizing maybe a week and a half after I got him
    • He loves sleeping in his froggy dish every day (see photos of my little dinosaur boy below)

    I have been giving him warm water soaks but he absolutely hates them and I dont have the heart to close him in the tupperware so he usually ends up half submerged.
    I gave him a horn worm last night to try and soften things up, and he gobbled it right up. it did look a little big for him and protruded in his belly a little, but after maybe 20 minutes of digesting he was back on the hunt and ate three crickets after the full worm.

    I had previously misread information and had been giving him meal worms with his crickets, which i now know can cause digestive issues. I havent given him any for about a week now but just the time that he has not pooped is concerning me.

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