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Thread: HELP! IS TOAD SICK? Photos included WEIRD POOP

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    Exclamation HELP! IS TOAD SICK? Photos included WEIRD POOP

    Hi, I have a Bufo Regularis Toad that I got from a special reptile shop in paris called ďLa Ferme TropicaleĒ. Anyway, Iíve had this female for about a month and I decided to change her bedding (coconut fiber) which had white on the top of it. While I did that I put her in a plastic cleaned tub with washed hands carrying her carefully so she sits on my hand. I put some water in, and she was huge this whole time that Iíve had her super fat, then suddenly in this tub she pees a ****ton into the water and her size reduces x2 (Iíve never seen her this small!). Her real size is around 2.6inches I would guess.l then. I donít know her age. So sheís sitting, I pick her up carefully and hold her maybe 2 times. I put her down after holding and looking, she suddenly shoots out a weird red poop out of her butt and Iím really worried about it. It was very small, maybe 0.5mm. I think it was a round small white pebble like thing, surrounded by red stuff (I assume itís blood) with a bit of light brown in it. Did she has constipation this whole time I had her? She didnít go out ever by herself only at night, and she was huge and bloated this whole tome then she suddenly peed and reduced a lot in size. Then this red bloody thing came out. What happened, did I hurt her, is she just constipated?photos of the poop(?) attached.Her diet: Lots if live crickets. Maybe 25 this month. About 5 mealworms this month. Bottled Evian water. 30x60cm tank. Height 25cm. Temperature in warmest place 25Cį temperature in coldest 22Cį. Sprinkled some Vitamin/Mineral compound on mealworms that she ate, also included in photos.
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