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Thread: Bought as a normal but unusual colour/morph?

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    Default Bought as a normal but unusual colour/morph?


    I bought my pacman 4 days ago as a normal green. I ended up picking him over the others available as I preferred his colouring.
    I personally haven't seen a normal with his colouring, maybe he is but I thought I'd see if anyone had any thoughts? I'm new to pacmans.
    He's a minty green like colour with the spots being dark green rather than brown, with white highlights.
    I tong feed him by the way incase anyone is worried about the substrate.

    Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you!
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    Default Re: Bought as a normal but unusual colour/morph?

    Not sure what that morph is called(if it’s not a normal) but that’s a gorgeous frog!

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