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Thread: Froglets don't have an appetite?

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    Default Froglets don't have an appetite?

    I've recently picked up some new amazon milk froglets. They're small but not tiny (roughly 3 weeks old). Everywhere online and all the literature I've read says that they're quite greedy, not very fussy and as froglets need daily feeding - cutting down to a couple times a week once they've reached full size. So far I've been attempting to feed them small crickets and mealworms. Only one of the 4 froglets has eaten a mealworm and as it's been 4 days since I picked them up I'm getting quite worried about the lack of appetite. Can anyone recommend suggestions? I've been in contact with an amphibian specialist who helped me to acquire these frogs however he's currently on leave for Christmas.

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    Default Re: Froglets don't have an appetite?

    Hey this is really late for a reply but maybe other people will be able to benefit. From everything I've heard froglets can be pretty delicate. Also how old are they? I understand froglets don't need to eat for a short while after they absorb their tails. Then they should turn greedy.
    Maybe you can let us know how the situation turned out.

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