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Thread: Advice for Plants for Magnificent Tree Frogs

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    Smile Advice for Plants for Magnificent Tree Frogs

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for some plant ideas for an enclosure for Magnificent/Splendid Tree Frogs. Ideally some broader-leafed sturdy plants that might encourage them to sit within them and be a little more visible. Currently the frogs are hanging out behind some logs in the enclosure and not staying in view very often; makes it a little harder to enjoy them.

    I considered a sansevieria variety that might be a little shorter/more open than a typical snake plant, as I thought this might encourage them to sit between the leaves (providing some cover but not obscuring them completely) but was looking for other ideas, or plants more native to Australia that might be more natural for them.

    Any and all ideas are more than welcome Or let me know what your set-ups look like for your guys if you have them.

    Thanks so much!

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