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Thread: Pacman frog not eating at all

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    Default Pacman frog not eating at all

    So I bought an albino pacman from a pet shop here in Spain, and the owner told me it had been eating a lot, he fed him (or her, not really sure) crickets and once in a while a whole mouse.

    The thing is, just before bringing the frog home, he fed him a mouse and since then he hasn't eaten at all. I didn't move the frog from the enclosure and the setup is exactly the same from the store, which was a little tank with coconut fiber as sustrate and a water dish. I put some live crickets inside the enclosure and they even stop by the frog's mouth but the frog does nothing. I thought he was still digesting the mouse but it has been 3 weeks now and he is still not eating at all.

    I even bought a bigger tank and put some plants in it, I mist the substrate several times a day. There's 5 crickets inside the enclosure and the frog has a lot of chances to eat them without moving but he closes its eyes and let them step on him just like a stone. He does not burrow himself in the substrate and hasn't explored the tank since I moved him into the new one. He is still in the same spot I left him the very first day.

    It's winter so it's 17-21 degrees inside, sometimes 25. The humidity is high but not wet, substrate is moist.

    I have never owned a pacman frog before (I just know about axolotls) and the only thing that my setup is lacking on (that I can think of) is the UVB light, but I don't know if it is necessary and I would like to know if the frog will get better by purchasing it. Also the frog is still very fat, not slim at all. Is it normal for the frog to not eat on 3 weeks or should I be worried as heck.

    There aren't exotic vets nearby by the way (small city) :c Oh and the frog is 6 months old or so, hope you guys can figure out what's happening, I will do whatever it has to be done for him not to die (excuse my English, thanks a lot)
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