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Thread: A lot of issues with my baby Pac-Man Frog. Help please!

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    Default A lot of issues with my baby Pac-Man Frog. Help please!

    So I had gotten my baby Albino Pac-Man frog, Grimlock, from a pet store on August 29/2019.I had done a lot of research before getting him and made sure I had everything set up appropriately. I witnessed him eating at the store, they fed him a couple crickets and a horned worm. He looked really healthy, round, beautiful colors. I felt comfortable enough to take him home.

    He pooped the first day and ate an earth worm (cut up). I had him housed in a 10 gallon tank with about 2.5 inches of damp, ground coconut fiber for substrate (ecoearth), a shallow water dish with de-chlorinated water and a few fake plants/hides for him to feel safe. I had a UTH stuck to the side of the tank for heat, day time temps were between 80-85 degrees F at the warm side and around 70-75 degrees F at the cool side. Humidity was between 60%-90% and I misted twice a day. He seemed happy the first few days, I got him to eat everyday and he seemed to be very comfortable and adjusting very well to his new home.

    Around 4 days later, he stopped wanting to eat and then stopped all together. I left him alone and kept trying every couple days, although he didnít actually eat anything for a month. I didnít realize force feeding was an option at that time, otherwise I wouldnít have let him go that long without eating. Anyways, I took him to the Vet at that point. She didnít see anything wrong with him, she didnít feel anything stuck inside of him and she said he just felt empty and wasnít acting like a sick frog. She gave me the recommendation to try and move him to a smaller tank and try feeding him in a separate container.

    I moved him to a 5 gallon tank, with a smaller shallow dish of water, a bit less substrate and plants/hiding places. Same heating source, temps and humidity. I also covered the sides of his tank to help him feel more secure AND moved his tank to a completely quiet area of the house. At this point, I began force feeding him a frozen/thawed Pinky mouse dipped in Calcium/multivitamins every week in a separate container. I noticed he stopped pooping as well, and I physically havenít seen a poop since mid-September. So since mid-October, Iíve been doing the force feeding thing once a week, but sometimes Iíll leave an earthworm with him in his enclosure overnight. Iíve also tried so many types of food. Crickets, mealworms, superworms, horned worms, wax worms, butter worms. He only seems to like the pinkies, but heíll even sometimes spit those out. I also give him a honey bath every week as well to help him poop, although that doesnít work at all.

    I took him to another Veterinarian on November 23rd, since I knew something was very wrong and I still hadnít seen any poop. She told me he looked fairly healthy, wasnít acting like he was sick and that he must have been burying his poop or something. She did x-rays to rule out an impaction (nothing found) but diagnosed him with Red Leg. I got 5 doses of injectable antibiotics for him and was sent on my way.

    I just gave him his fourth dose and donít notice any sort of difference. I also moved him to moist paper towels to monitor him and his poops more easily, but I still havenít noticed any! I change the paper towels out every couple days as well. I tried feeding him a pinky yesterday and he kept spitting it out. Iím at a compete loss and I canít find any answers anywhere. Nobody seems to know whatís wrong, and I donít know how to help him any longer. This forum is my last resort so please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: A lot of issues with my baby Pac-Man Frog. Help please!

    That’s quite a mystery you have there. You seem to be doing everything right and I can’t think of any reason he’d do that. Good job taking him to two different professionals though. Really sorry about poor Grimlock.

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