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Thread: Strange film on surface of water, gets on my frog

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    Default Strange film on surface of water, gets on my frog

    Hello all, been a couple of years since I have last posted. I have noticed an oily film on the surface of the water, getting worse recently. Today I noticed that my 7 year old (very healthy and active) pyxie frog had a cloudy coat on her skin at first I thought it she was about to shed, however now I am convinced it is adhering to her when she is in the water. I am nearly positive that this film is coming from something in the water, or possibly part of the filtration system, but I guess it is possible that it is coming from the frog herself. Additionally the film seems to clump up when pushed around when I try and clear it. In the 7 years that I have had the frog I have not once seen this film and am beginning to get concerned that this may be harmful to the frog, if not uncomfortable. Could this possibly be bacteria or a parasite of of some kind?

    *The pump/filter is a 7 year old Fluval 106 canister filter
    *all water is treated with API tap water conditioner/dechlorinator
    *new filter material
    *new carbon
    *old biomass material

    full water and substrate change in the last two weeks or so, Pyxie frog gets a diet of 100% dubia roaches that are fed carrots, celery, brocolli, lettuce etc. Seems healthy and is eating, and overall happy.

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    Default Re: Strange film on surface of water, gets on my frog

    This is just oils and protein from the waste. Just make diy protein skimmer and that should do it.

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    Default Re: Strange film on surface of water, gets on my frog

    Happened to the water of my 2 yo female. It was a white film on the surface. After I changed the water it went away. Don't know what it coulda been but she molted not to long before that.

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