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Thread: Educational program/charity seeks endemic toads or frogs

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    Default Educational program/charity seeks endemic toads or frogs

    I am starting to volunteer with a historic house in Bensenville (IL) that has an educational collection of native amphibians and reptiles (corn snake, tiger salamanders etc). They have a tank set up and are seeking a suitable frog or toad--possibly an American bullfrog. If you are in the area your help in completing the habitat would be welcome. I am looking for someone nearby who might donate (or sell for a modest price) a suitable toad or frog (/s) endemic to the Chicago area/IL.

    If wanted I could trade cuban tree frogs or hissers.

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    Default Re: Educational program/charity seeks endemic toads or frogs

    I continue to research. It looks like in Illinois I can catch non-endangered endemics with landowner permission and keep them, but they cannot be bred or bought unless we get a herptile license that is not otherwise needed for the size of the collection. So... considering options. It's not the time of year for frog hunting!

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