Hi all! I just joined this forum due to the fact I have several interesting frogs, and wanted to learn more about them! I have a tomato frog, two Vietnamese mossy frogs, a spadefoot toad, and a red and black walking frog. The last two I just purchased at a reptile show, and I am having some trouble finding more detailed information about them, so I'm hoping to learn more here. I have had a pacman frog and whites tree frogs previously.

I own several reptiles - bearded dragon (2), armadillo lizard (1), desert spiny tail (1), ocellated skinks (3), anole (1), house gecko (1) and a mourning gecko (1 and 3 eggs), and a vinegaroon and salmon bird eater. I have also previously rescued, fostered, and rehomed reptiles, but I'm taking a break from that now.

I look forward to learning a lot from this page.