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Thread: Flies in Habitat

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    Default Flies in Habitat

    For some months now, I noticed that everytime I open the tank, flies shoot out.
    I cleaned the tank during summer, bringing it outside and spraying it clean with some non-toxic soap and a garden hose. The fly problem was gone for almost 1-2 months, but they came back.
    I noticed that my cat had some bite on his ear. It might've been another bug outside, or just from him scratching himself excessively, but I'm scared that maybe the flies bit him. He's fine now, but I'm concerned for his health and safety around these flies.
    The flies have been bothering me too. I get itchy everywhere (or that might just be me being paranoid), and I feel like the flies are all over me.
    They look like fruit flies, not even a centimeter big. Does anybody know what they are? And how to get rid of them safely with the frog inside the tank? I cannot clean the tank, not until 3-4 months. My home is small, and it's snowing outside.
    I don't know what caused them. I have a 10-15 gallon tank, with a heat pad, and with daily misting. There doesn't seem to be any mold or other bacteria inside the tank.
    Are these flies a danger to my Pacman frog, my cat, turtle, or even me?
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Flies in Habitat

    Sounds like you have some gnats that matured from your tank. They do bite and they are irritating. The best advise is to keep your tank cleaned. Gnats thrive and reproduce in and near stagnant water and your tank is heated and perfect humid enough for them to keep reproducing.

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