I am looking for following species, I'm located in Poland, Europe. Can send someone for Hamm, Houten, Prag or Ostrava (or other big events).

Pyxicephalus edulis, preferrably Togo or Tanzania locality (Togo male, Tanzania female more specifically, as I am left with one Togo female and two Tanzania males atm)
Phlyctimantis maculatus (previously named Kassina maculata) - both sexes, as my all frogs are old now and are too fragile to aestivate them and breed them then (all are above 9 years old)

Also looking for:

Interesting Hyperoliidae species, but not cold-loving species, I have already max number of animals in my cold room.

Please note I am on budget and won't be able to buy a lot of expensive frogs. Also I must say, I am VERY annoying buyer