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Thread: New frog Mom here!

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    Default New frog Mom here!

    I didn't seek out to get our tree frog, Dewey. He hitched a ride back from Florida in our travel trailer! We initially though we could let him go and all would be fine. However, after speaking with WildcareOklahoma and our local herpetology society, Squirrel Tree Frogs are not native to OK so letting him go is not recommended. In addition to him not being native to OK, Florida also has a lot of invasive species. With that info my only choice was to set up a terrarium and make him a home. It's been a learning process and we hardly see him because he does all his little hunting at night. Thankfully he's still alive...granted its only been a month and a half
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    Congratulations on your serendipitous adoption.
    If it's been a month and a half and he's hunting at night you're doing a fine job providing for him.
    Looks like you've given him some good climbing apparatus which is really important for Tree Frogs.
    The more vertical real estate you can give him the better.
    I think he'll have a happy life with you.

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