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Thread: Frog Daddy with a sick whites tree frog.

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    Default Frog Daddy with a sick whites tree frog.

    Hello, new user here.

    Not sure where to post this yet, hopefully a mod will point me in the right direction.

    I currently own two whites tree dwarf frogs. They are both around 8 to 7 months old. They have been incredible eaters currently I feed them medium it's a large superworms, and medium to large crickets.

    Recently went on vacation, and came back and one of my frogs has had a really difficult time shedding. I helped her out and ended up pulling some stuck shed off of her around her mouth and eyes. Readjusted the tanks humidity and added some more Moss sporangium and reindeer Moss to boost the humidity.

    It's been about two the three weeks and she has started losing a lot of weight and is now refusing to eat. My other frog it's still a really greedy eater so I am now hand-feeding them but my frog in question still won't eat.

    I have a 12x12x24 vivarium but no live plants at the moment, still have a few sightings of springtails. Quite a large watering hole. And usually missed with a humidifier.

    My frog spends a lot of time with her eyes closed. I will attach a photo of her for reference.

    any help or direction will be much appreciated.
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