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Thread: Questions about hibernating gray tree frog

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    Default Questions about hibernating gray tree frog

    Hi there,

    My son and I (it’s basically mine) have had an adult male grey tree frog since the beginning of this past May. He had been feeding very well up until the end of August when his activity level dropped dramatically. I’m assuming that he is attempting to go into hibernation as this began as soon as the temps/humidity dropped in our area. He was eating a few crickets every night/other night and would go after them aggressively. He would also take them from tongs with no problem. Since slowing down he has gone from taking about one cricket per week (by tongs, he won’t pursue them any more) to none over the past couple weeks. I have a glass bowl in his cage now with a few crickets and cricket food just in case he gets hungry but have not had any go missing yet. He is still mobile and sits on top of his hideout every night and makes a trip to his water dish every couple nights. He still has some weight on him as well but not as much as he did over summer. He is housed in a 12x12x18 tank with lots of stuff to climb, fake leafy plants, and a cork tube mounted towards the top that he hides in. I have been using calcium dust every couple feedings and vitamins once per week. Bottled spring water is used in his dish and for spraying. The substrate is coconut fiber. My main question is about what temp I should be keeping him at. Currently The tank hits about 80 during the day and 67-70 at night. Without his heat lamp the temp would be 67-70 all day. Should I stop heating his tank if he is slowing for the season? I’m worried that this might be keeping his metabolism running higher than necessary but I don’t want to make the wrong decision in letting him cool off. Also, he has been pooping in his water dish (solid and brown) about once per week. Thanks for any input—-Nick

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