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Thread: Poor Green Tree Frogs

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    Question Poor Green Tree Frogs

    Hey! So I need some help. I have been searching the internet for information on how to save these poor super baby green tree frogs. They need like needle size crickets ( and well I can't find those) they aren't eating the fruit flies and the worms we have found are still WAY to big. What should we do?

    Most of them are stil tadpols, is there something that is good to feed them while they are still in that state to get them to bulk up? Should we be adding other fish bacteria water? ( we have like 25 fish tanks so yeah..) Will it help them.. can they feed off that?

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    Tadpoles can be fed high protein fish food. It isn't until frogs are older when they start eating crickets and etc. Hope this helps!


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    Raise them in the same manner as described for Gray Tree Frogs in the Gray Tree Frog article on this site.
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    I hope they make it! Best of luck!

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    They won't feed until their tails are absorbed.

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