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Thread: New Frog Owner-White's Tree Frog not eating and skinny

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    Default New Frog Owner-White's Tree Frog not eating and skinny

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Size:  3.27 MBHi everyone, I'm a new frog owner! I'm very excited, but also a little worried. Last week, I purchased two Whites tree frogs from a reputable breeder online. They arrived last Wednesday. One of them, Wally, is exactly like the pictures I have seen online. The other one, Orbit, is very small and skinny compared to Wally. I house them in a 18x18x24 terrarium with a bioactive living space (living plants, etc, all bought at a pet shop here in Houston that specializes in frogs and reptiles). Wally has adjusted well-eats, poops, hops around at night like normal. But I am worried about Orbit. He stays buried way in the back of my terrarium and I don't think he is eating. I took him out a couple of times to try to tong feed him small crickets since he is still very small. He refused to eat them. I also put him in a warm dechlorinated bath to help clean him/perk him up. He started moving around (climbing) up the sides of the container I had him in while trying to feed/bathe him. His color looks great, though a brighter green than Wally. I can't really leave him outside of his terrarium in the container by himself to monitor feeding because I work full time and I have two cats so I don't want any catastrophes to happen to him when I am not looking. I am not sure if I should be concerned that he is so small and does not seem to be active, or if maybe he is just a juvenile and that is why he is smaller and if he is just scared and that is why he buries himself. The humidity in my terrarium varies from about 55-80% and the temperature varies from 65 at night to 75 during the day. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time! Pic of Orbit to show his size.(Note: The cricket under his leg is about 2/3 inch. I have since bought smaller 1/4 crickets to try to feed him, which he still ignores).

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    Default Re: New Frog Owner-White's Tree Frog not eating and skinny

    What I did to assure my smaller frogs got a good start was to house them in a smaller tank, 10 gal or smaller, and feed them flightless fruit flies. I put the fruit fly container uncapped right inside the tank. The cover for the tank I used is the commonly available black screen cover to assure good air flow. I put the finest mesh I was able to find taped to the underside so the fruit flies can't escape and I kept the tree frogs in that container with a soaking pool and a few sticks for climbing and a slab of bark for cover for 4 months, during which period I transitioned them to extra small crickets and from there they've done fine.

    I had to do this with 2 of my 4 disabled tree frogs, the other 2 had no problem from the start with eating and growing at a normal rate. Now they all live together and are doing great and eat whatever variety of food I give them without hesitation, and they hunt very well considering two of them only have one eye each.

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