I got my pacman frog reggie a month and 12 days ago he(or she idk) has maybe pooped once since I got him I'm not sure. I have read a bunch that it's like impossible to miss pacman frog poops so I'm kinda worried. However he has a good appetite he eats 3-4 small crickets every other day ish, and he's not acting weird. He buries his lil bum in the morning comes out eats at night and repeats. I think he looks fine (not swollen sides) and I felt his belly and it's nice and soft. (I don't ever handle him this was the first time).

I wouldn't be at all worried if I hadn't heard so much that you can't miss pacman frog poops. (I have searched his empty holes).

Overall I want to know if since this is my first real pet I'm being crazy or if I should be concerned.

I was very surprised he let me feel his belly cause he has lunged at me before

I just recieved some nightcrawlers to feed him, first try he bit it but then spot it out. I got him from a pet store so he had only been eating crickets his whole life so I'm not surprised but I'm going to keep offering them to him. He is still eating his crickets though.

The reason I say maybe pooped once is because I cleaned his cage about a week and a half in cause I had admittedly not given him quite deep enough substrate and I gave him a plant. But when we cleaned it I wasnt like looking for poop so... Maybe

His enclosure:
10 gallon
Always between 75 and 83
Humidity like 80 (sometimes a bit variable)
Coconut fibre substrate (ecoearth)
12 hr on off light etc