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Thread: Toad has weird webby-skin on leg, acting sluggish!

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    Default Toad has weird webby-skin on leg, acting sluggish!

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here,

    I have raised two toads from their tadpole stages from a creek. They're each 8 months old, and I have been feeding them mealworms ever since (fruit flies when they were much younger). One of my toads named Poliwag has been acting very sluggish in the past week or so. She is not moving her hind legs very much at all and acts very slowly, falling over every once in a while when she tries to eat mealworms off of the ground. It usually takes her about 15 licks to even lick a mealworm, so I'm not sure if she has mental issues as well.

    Poliwag also has a strange webbing on her leg we have not seen before. I have attached an image below.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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