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Thread: Lighting for an Albino Pacman

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    Hi everyone, I just bought my first pacman at petco yesterday. He appears to be an albino mix, he's not quite full albino and has plenty of light green and tan colors. I'm wondering what day time lighting I should use for him as I've read UVB/UVA can damage their eyes and skin. I've included a picture of the bulb I'm using, I just ordered an exo terra 2.0 and only after buying it learned that the lighting is too bright for them. Is the incandescent bulb I'm using going to be too bright? Since its getting colder I'm going to be using a 60w CHE on the other end of the cage for night time heating. The 50W day time bulb seems to keep the cage at 75-80F with no issues. Obviously I don't put the light directly over him, however it doesn't produce too much heat so I'm not concerned about cooking him. So... in summary, is my lighting too bright for him? And if the day time lighting is too bright should I go with a red infrared? Also I do realize his cage is fairly large for him however I feed him with tongs to ensure he gets his food. Edit: Sorry don't know why the images uploaded sideways.
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