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Thread: Whites Tree Frog - Red Leg?

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    I'm new to the frog-keeping world, and recently started a small family of three White's Tree Frogs. I believe there are two juveniles, one male and one female, and one slightly older male individual - I'm not 100% on his age.
    My two juveniles are seemingly stress-free individuals, and are eating happily, sleep through the day, look at me until I get their crickets out in the early evening, and otherwise I have no concerns as to them. They're a little sedentary, but I'd expect that from a WTF

    The reason I'm raising this post is that I have a couple of concerns around the older frog, for a few reasons, but at the same time he seems mostly healthy to me - I feel I don't have the experience to recognize what's normal, and what's an unhealthy frog.

    I've taken a few pictures of the messy bugger, who refuses to take a bath, with the biggest reason that I'm worried for him. On his underbelly and the underside of his legs, he has a prominent pink coloration, and I'm worried that it might be early stages of red-leg that I've heard about. He's had this colour since I got him on Saturday 26th, and he's been active and exploratory since.

    The other reason I'm concerned lies in his eating habits. As I mentioned earlier, the other two frogs have been taking "standard" size brown crickets daily, with calcium dusting - 3-4 a day. However, the frog in question took one cricket when he first arrived, and since then hasn't taken any! He's got the ridge over his ear pads that I'd expect to see, and has been active around the tank when the lights are off, but it concerns me that he hasn't taken food in four days.

    If anyone would be able to provide some insight, I'd be most appreciative!

    Many thanks,

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