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Thread: Pacman frog keeps trying to climb out of tank

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    Unhappy Pacman frog keeps trying to climb out of tank

    I have a juvenile strawberry pacman frog. I've had him for about a month now. I had to go away for two weeks and don't have anyone who could watch the frog, so I bought a five-ish gallon enclosure to keep him in temporarily and bring him with me. I put the normal substrate in the tank, misted it as usual, and transferred him into it. He seemed perfectly fine at the initial transfer. But when I brought the tank into the house he keeps trying to climb up the walls. He stays in one corner and occasionally will stretch up and claw at the tank as though he's trying to escape. He's going to be in this place for about two weeks before I have to go back. Will he eventually settle down? And am I putting too much stress on him?

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